Faculty Information

NameJay Rosenheim
Office0320A Briggs Hall
WebsiteWeb Link
EducationPh.D. University of California, Berkeley 1987
Research InterestsBehavioral, population, and evolutionary ecology of insect parasitoid-host and predator-prey interactions in natural and agricultural ecosystems. Reproductive strategies of insect parasitoids. Influence of competitive and tropic interactions within communities of generalist predators on the regulation of herbivore populations. Applications to the theory and practice of biological control.
Areas of EmphasisAgricultural Ecology
 Integrative Ecology
Research Abstract 
Recent PublicationsRosenheim, J. A., N. M. Williams, and S. J. Schreiber. 2014. Parental optimism versus parental pessimism in plants: how common should we expect pollen limitation to be? American Naturalist 184:75-90.
 Rosenheim, J. A., and M. H. Meisner. 2013. Ecoinformatics can reveal yield gaps associated with crop-pest interactions: a proof-of-concept. PLOS ONE 8(11):e80518.
 Rosenheim, J. A. 2011. Stochasticity in reproductive opportunity and the evolution of egg limitation in insects. Evolution 65:2300-2312.
Examination Topics 
Accepting StudentsYes
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