Alex Webster

B.A., Biology, Smith College, 2008

Research Interests

  • I am generally interested in the two-way interaction of humans with the environment, the causes and consequences of those interactions, and how we can modulate those interactions and outcomes. I currently study this through the lens of water quality in agricultural landscapes, and how plant-soil-water interactions in agricultural streams affect water quality. My scientific background includes plant ecology, biogeochemistry, hydrology, soil science, ecophysiology, and forest ecology to ask questions about ecosystem function in response to land use, climate change, dams, agriculture, fire regimes, and invasive species. I am particularly inspired by settings and questions in which ecosystem function and tangible ecosystem services are closely linked.

Area of Emphasis

  • Ecosystem and Landscape Ecology

Major Professor

  • Mary Cadenasso

Current Degree

  • PhD


  • Plant Sciences