Amélie Gaudin

PhD in Plant Agriculture, University of Guelph, 2011

Research Interests

  • We are interested in understanding how agroecological principles help develop efficient and resilient cropping systems. We study the impact of management practices, which have biodiversity and conservation of natural resources as basis for improvement, on agroecosystem productivity, provision of ecosystem services and tradeoffs and synergies in soil functions on the long-term. We also apply resilience theory to study the impact of climate-smart management options on crop ecophysiology and soil functioning under stress. We also have a special interest in exploring how changes in root traits and the rhizosphere impact acquisition and uptake of soil resources along evolutionary and management gradients. We conduct on-farm research in California and elsewhere and analyze historical datasets/ crop panels integrating a wide range of disciplines, from developmental and molecular biology to crop models, agronomy and plant physiology.

Areas of Emphasis

  • Agricultural Ecology


  • Plant Sciences