Andrew Latimer

BA Dartmouth College; M.A. Sussex University; J.D. Yale University; PhD University of Connecticut

Research Interests

  • Climate change impacts on plant populations, species, biomes, and ecosystem processes. Fire regimes -- drivers and impacts. Bayesian hierarchical statistical modeling. Biogeography of Mediterranean-climate regions, mechanisms of diversification.

Research Abstract

  • I use hierarchical statistical models, large existing data sets, and targeted field experiments and observations to work toward forecasting ecological processes. In particular, population fates, species distributions, biome boundaries. Since we depend on these ecosystems for water, food, building materials, carbon fixation, is it critical to understand their response to environmental variation much more mechanistically than we do now and at larger scales. To do this we need both computational tools and clever use of classic field methods, extended across landscape to regional scales and integrating all available data. I focus on woody vegetation (chaparral, forest) in mediterrean-climate areas of South Africa, Australia and California.

Areas of Emphasis

  • Ecosystems and Landscape Ecology / ecological genomics and genetics, Conservation Biology, Integrative Ecology


  • Plant Sciences