Graduate Group Committees

Admissions Committee

Anne Todgham, Chair

Awards Committee

Mark Lubell, Chair
Grace Charles, EGSA
Grace Ha, EGSA
Marina LaForgia, EGSA

Diversity Committee

The GGE Diversity Committee is taking steps to address diveristy in the field of Ecology by starting dialogues about diversity, providing diversity training, examining policies and procedures, encouraging effective outreach, and acting as a resource and source of support for all students. As leaders in the field, the GGE has the opportunity and the responsibility to address barriers to diversity within ecology.

The Diversity Committee will work to foster appreciation for the value of diversity in the GGE, to create and sustain a supportive and inclusive environment for all members, and to diversify our membership. Specific duties of the Diversity Committee will be to 1) support enrolled students by providing information resources and social events, 2) increase awareness of diversity issues and opportunities for outreach by providing student and faculty trainings and webpage management, and 3) identify methods to increase student and faculty diversity in the GGE and present these methods to the Executive Committee for consideration of adoption.

Ecology Graduate Student Association (EGSA)

David Hernandez, Co-Chair
Vanessa Lo, Co-Chair
Helen Kileen, Co-Chair

Executive Committee

Ted Grosholz, Chair
Anne Todgham, Vice Chair
Mark Lubell, Awards
Walter Oechel, JDPE
Loo Botsford
Janet Foley
Susan Harrison
Nann Fangue
Mikaela Provost, Diversity Committee
Aviva Rossi, EGSA
Jessica Rudnick, EGSA

UC Davis OMBUDS Office

A Safe Place to discuss concerns, generate options, identify resources, and manage conflict

Phone: (530) 219-6750