Eric Tymstra

PhD, Graduate Group in Ecology: Department of Evolution, Ecology, and Biodiversity; 2020
B.S., Molecular Environmental Biology, UC Berkeley, 2014

Research Interests

  • I am interested in how animals perceive and interact with the environment on a sensory level. To better understand how to adapt conservation efforts to fit organisms' sensory systems, I will use bird species as model organisms. I work with New World vultures to understand how organisms may use multimodal sensory systems to deal with rapidly changing environments. I will also work with Greater Sage Grouse to understand how mate choice and dispersal are affected by sensory systems. On a conservation level, I am also interested in how we can adapt land-use policies to incorporate organisms' sensory systems.

Area of Emphasis

  • Conservation Ecology Organism-Environment Interaction

Major Professor

  • G. Patricelli

Current Degree

  • PhD


  • Evolution & Ecology