UC Davis Faculty

Name Area of Emphasis
Arnold, Gwen Environmental Policy and Human Ecology
Ballard, Heidi Conservation Ecology
Baskett, Marissa L. Conservation Ecology, Integrative Ecology, Marine Ecology
Bennett, William Marine Ecology
Berry, Alison (Emeritus) Restoration Ecology
Bettinger, Robert Environmental Policy and Human Ecology
Borgerhoff Mulder, Monique Environmental Policy and Human Ecology
Botsford, Louis Marine Ecology
Brown, Patrick Agricultural Ecology
Cadenasso, Mary Ecosystems and Landscape Ecology
Carey, James Agricultural Ecology and Integrative Ecology
Caro, Tim Conservation Ecology
Caswell-Chen, Edward Integrative Ecology
Connon, Richard E. Ecotoxicology
Cornel, Anthony (Anton) Population structure, Ecology and Control of mosquito disease vectors
Cornell, Howard, Emeritus Integrative Ecology
Crofoot, Margaret Integrative Ecology
Dahlgren, Randy Ecosystems and Landscape Ecology
Doroshov, Serge Physiological Ecology
Eadie, John Conservation Ecology
Eisen, Jonathan Ecological Genomics and Genetics
Elliott-Fisk, Deborah (Emeritus) Conservation Ecology
Evans, Richard Restoration Ecology
Eviner, Valerie Ecosystems and Landscape Ecology, Restoration Ecology
Fangue, Nann Ecological Genomics and Genetics, Physiological Ecology
Farzin, Y. Hossein (Emeritus) Environmental Policy and Human Ecology
Ferris, Howard (Emeritus) Agricultural Ecology
Fischer, Albert Agricultural Ecology
Fleishman, Erica Conservation Ecology, Ecoysystems and Landscape Ecology, Integrative Ecology
Foley, Janet Integrative Ecology
Gaylord, Brian Marine Ecology
Geng, Shu Agricultural Ecology
Gepts, Paul Agricultural Ecology
Gilbert, Matthew Physiological Ecology
Greco, Steven Ecosystems and Landscape Ecology
Gremer, Jennifer Integrative Ecology
Grosholz, Edwin Marine Ecology
Hahn, Tom Physiological Ecology
Handy, Susan Environmental Policy and Human Ecology
Harrison, Susan Conservation Ecology
Hastings, Alan Integrative Ecology
Hijmans, Robert Ecosystems and Landscape Ecology, Agricultural Ecology
Hill, Tessa Marine Ecology
Holyoak, Marcel Conservation Ecology
Horwath, William Ecosystems and Landscape Ecology
Houlton, Benjamin Ecosystems and Landscape Ecology
Hull, Josh Conservation Ecology
Jasieniuk, Marie Ecological Genomics and Genetics, Integrative Ecology, Agricultural Ecology
Jin, Yufang Ecosystems and Landscape Ecology
Karban, Richard Integrative Ecology
Kebreab, Ermias Integrative Ecology, Agricultural Ecology
Kelt, Douglas Conservation Ecology
Klimley, A. Peter Integrative Ecology
Kreuder Johnson, Christine Conservation Ecology
Kueltz, Dietmar Physiological Ecology, Ecological Genomics and Genetics
Laca, Emilio Agricultural Ecology
Largier, John Marine Ecology
Latimer, Andrew Ecosystems and Landscape Ecology, Ecological Genomics and Genetics
Lawler, Sharon Conservation Ecology
Lewis, Ed Agricultural Ecology
Lin Lawell, C.-Y. Cynthia Environmental Policy and Human Ecology
Lubell, Mark Environmental Policy and Human Ecology
May, Bernie Conservation Ecology
McCowan, Brenda
Miles, A. Keith Ecotoxicology
Miller, Michael Conservation Ecology
Mitloehner, Frank
Morgan, Steven Marine Ecology
Moyle, Peter Conservation Ecology
Nadler, Steven Ecological Genomics and Genetics, Integrative Ecology
Neale, David Ecological Genomics and Genetics
Niemeier, Debbie Conservation Ecology
North, Malcolm Ecosystems and Landscape Ecology
Oki, Lorence Agricultural Ecology
Pasternack, Greg Restoration Ecology
Patricelli, Gail Conservation Ecology
Paw U, Kyaw Ecotoxicology and Physiological Ecology
Potter, Daniel Agricultural Ecology
Quinn, James (Emeritus) Conservation Ecology
Rejmanek, Marcel Conservation Ecology
Rejmankova, Eliska Conservation Ecology
Richerson, Peter (Emeritus) Environmental Policy and Human Ecology
Rizzo, David Conservation Ecology
Rodrigues, Jorge Ecological Genomics and Genetics, Agricultural Ecology
Rosenheim, Jay Agricultural Ecology
Ross-Ibarra, Jeffrey Ecological Genomics and Genetics
Sacks, Ben Ecological Genetics and Genomics
Safford, Hugh Integrative Ecology, Restoration Ecology, Ecosystems and Landscape Ecology
Sanchirico, James Environmental Policy and Human Ecology
Sandoval Solis, Samuel Environmental Policy and Human Ecology, Integrative Ecology, Conservation Ecology
Sanford, Eric Marine Ecology
Schladow, Geoffrey Ecosystems and Landscape Ecology
Schmitt, Johanna Ecological Genomics and Genetics
Schoener, Thomas Conservation Ecology
Schreiber, Sebastian Integrative Ecology, Conservation Ecology, Restoration Ecology
Schreier, Andrea Conservation Ecology, Ecological Genomics and Genetics
Schwartz, Mark Conservation Ecology
Shapiro, Arthur Conservation Ecology
Sih, Andrew Integrative Ecology
Silva, Lucas Integrative Ecology
Smart, David Ecotoxicology and Physiological Ecology
Springborn, Michael Environmental Policy and Human Ecology
Stachowicz, John Marine Ecology
Stanton, Maureen Integrative Ecology
Strauss, Sharon Integrative Ecology
Strong, Donald Integrative Ecology
Tate, Kenneth Agricultural Ecology
Teh, Swee Ecotoxicology and Physiological Ecology
Tjeerdema, Ronald Ecotoxicology and Physiological Ecology
Todd, Brian Conservation Ecology
Todgham, Anne Ecotoxicology and Physiological Ecology
Tomich, Thomas Agricultural Ecology
Ustin, Susan Ecosystems and Landscape Ecology
Van Vuren, Dirk Conservation Ecology
Vannette, Rachel Integrative Ecology
Volder, Astrid Ecotoxicology and Physiological Ecology
Wainwright, Peter Ecotoxicology and Physiological Ecology
Whitehead, Andrew Ecotoxicology and Physiological Ecology, Ecological Genomics and Genetics
Williams, Neal Conservation Ecology, Integrative Ecology, Agricultural Ecology
Williams, Susan Marine Ecology
Yang, Louie Integrative Ecology
Young, Truman Restoration Ecology, Conservation Ecology
Zhang, Minghua Agricultural Ecology
Zwieniecki, Maciej Ecotoxicology and Physiological Ecology
McRoberts, Neil Environmental Policy and Human Ecology
Gaudin, Amélie Agricultural Ecology
Gornish, Elise Integrative Ecology, Restoration Ecology, Invasion Ecology, Population Ecology
Sollmann, Rahel Conservation Ecology
Roche, Leslie Agricultural Ecology
Middleton, Elisabeth Environmental Policy and Human Ecology
Hernandez, Rebecca Ecosystem and Landscape Ecology, Conservation Ecology, Restoration Ecology
Statham, James Ecological Genetics, Conservation Genetics
Karp, Daniel Agricultural Ecology