Shelby Rinehart

B.S, Biological Sciences, University of Rhode Island, 2013

Research Interests

  • I am a community ecologist interested in understanding the underlying patterns driving predator-prey interactions across a broad range of ecosystems. Because of this, my dissertation has focused on a variety of different questions; including 1) the role of airborne chemical cues in mediating predator foraging, 2) the impacts of patch selection and diet-mediated performance on the local population dynamics of predators, 3) the role of predators in facilitating population growth of foundation species, 4) the impacts of induced defenses on state-dependent feeding and, 5) the implications of predator induced morphological defenses to prey foraging behavior and nutritional condition. Beyond my dissertation work, I am collaborating on projects assessing the context dependency of non-consumptive effects in food webs.

Area of Emphasis

  • Marine Ecology

Major Professor

  • Long

Current Degree

  • PhD


  • Evolution and Ecology