Valerie Eviner

BA Rutgers University; PhD University of California, Berkeley

Research Interests

  • Plant-soil feedbacks; ecosystem restoration; ecosystem management; plant functional traits; ecosystem effects of plant species and plant species mixtures (and how those change depending on plant neighbors, environmental conditions and management practices); rangeland ecology; invasive species; plant-microbial interactions

Research Abstract

  • My work links population, community, and ecosystem ecology to determine how plants influence ecosystem processes and properties, and how this feeds back to affect population and community dynamics. The goal of my research is to simultaneously address cutting-edge ecological theories while applying science to management. By better understanding the mechanisms determining plant effects on ecosystems, manipulations of plant composition and diversity can be used as tools to address challenges in res

Areas of Emphasis

  • Ecosystems and Landscape Ecology, Restoration Ecology, Integrative Ecology


  • Plant Sciences