Zack Steel

MS, Ecology, UC Davis, 2011
BA, Biology, Whitman College, 2006

Research Interests

  • I'm interested in how wildlife use and are distributed across natural and semi-natural landscapes as well as how disturbances such as wildfire affect these distributions and landscape pattern. Additionally, I'm interested in how land management alters ecological processes and subsequently the composition and spatial arrangement of habitats. My dissertation research focuses on habitat use of birds and bats in forests affected by wildfire in California's Sierra Nevada. Specifically, I'm assessing how species use forests burning at various levels of severity, how this varies spatially in a heterogeneous landscape, and how these relationships change through successional time.

Area of Emphasis

  • Ecosystems and Landscape Ecology

Major Professor

  • Hugh Safford

Current Degree

  • Ph.D.


  • Environmental Science and Policy