Ecological Restoration Information

Truman P. Young, Chair

Reclaiming, Restoring, Repairing the planet, from the ground up

Picture: Before and after of mining restoration project

"Here is the means to end the great extinction spasm. The next century will, I believe, be the era of restoration in ecology"
--E. O. Wilson, 1992


Ecological restoration is the task of repairing damaged ecosystems, including rivers, wetlands, forests, meadows, rangelands, woodlands, and alpine areas. This process requires the marriage of skills in both ecology (including conservation biology) and plant materials (including horticulture), as well as soils, hydrology, and policy. Programs include training in a wide range of applicable environmental courses, lectures by leading restoration scientists and practitioners, field experiences, and internships at real-world sites.


Picture: Before and after of riparian restoration project

Here is a chance to become a part of the biggest change in our relationship to the land in the last 200 years.

Restorationists are currently in high demand in:

  • Private sector - native plant nurseries, consultancy firms, independent restoration contractors
  • Government - National Parks Service, Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management
  • Conservation organizations - The Nature Conservancy, Audubon, Ducks Unlimited

UC Davis offers both an Ecological Restoration Option in the EHUF major and a minor in Landscape Restoration. Also, graduate degrees in Restoration Ecology at both the master's and doctor's level.

Marsh Restoration, Vancouver Island

Picture: Before restoration; March 23, 1982 Picture: 1 Year After; June 27, 1983 Picture: 4 Years After; July 7, 1986 Picture: 6 Years After; June 29, 1988 Picture: 8 Years After; July 7, 1994







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