Spring 2014 Seminars

Ecology (ECL) 290- Student participatory seminars:

Foley, Janet. CRN: 20181
Ecological Impacts of Renewable Energy, 1 unit, Thursdays, 2-3pm, 1017 Wickson. Contact Dr. Foley for additional details: jefoley@ucdavis.edu.

Hijmans, Robert. CRN: 20173
Crop Ecology, 2 units, Tuesdays, 4-5:30pm, 1017 Wickson. Contact Dr. Hijmans for additional details: rhijmans@ucdavis.edu.

Houlton, Ben. CRN: 20216
Current Topics in Global Ecology, Biogeoscience and Policy. The Phosphorus Cycle: Science, Policy and Management, 1 unit, Tuesdays, 3:10-4:30pm, 2005 PES.

Moyle, Peter & Rebecca Quinones. CRN: 20205 (cross-listed with WFC 190, CRN 44084) Climate Change & Conservation of Aquatic Ecosystems, 1 units, Tuesdays, 3:10-5pm, Location TBD.

Nevitt, Gabrielle. CRN: 20224
Sensory Ecology, 3 units, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:10-3:30pm, location TBD. Contact Dr. Nevitt for additional details: ganevitt@ucdavis.edu.

Quinn, Jim & Nat Springer. CRN: 20196 (cross-listed with GEO 290, CRN 26012) Emerging Indicators and Protocols Measuring the Impacts and Vulnerabilities to Climate Change, 2 units, Wednesdays, 4-6pm, 2124 Wickson.

Rizzo, Dave & Richard Cobb. CRN: 20220
Integrating the physiology, pathology, and ecological impacts of regional tree mortality, _ units, Thursdays, 1-2:30pm, 176 Hutchinson.

Shapiro, Art. CRN: 20208
Long-Distance Dispersal in Biogeography and Evolution, 2 units, Tuesdays, 8:10-10pm, 2342 Storer.

Young, Truman. CRN: 20234 Foundations of Restoration Ecology, 2 units, Mondays, 10:30am-12:30pm, 2004 PES, email Truman if you want to take the course, but cannot come to the meeting.  tpyoung@ucdavis.edu.

ECL 298

Lubell, Mark. CRN 20264 Climate Change, Water and Society Seminar, 2 units, Thursdays, 10am-12pm, 124 Hoagland.

North, Malcolm. CRN 20259 "ICO" Spatial Analysis, 2 units, Tuesdays, 1-3pm, Location TBD.

Approved for an ECL 290 for the JDPE at SDSU:


Ecology and Evolution Seminar Series Winter 2014



 Spring 2014

ECL 296 (CRN 20238) / PBG 292 (33868)

Thursdays, 4:10-5:30PM; 176 Everson Hall


April 3Emilie Snell-Rood University of Minnesota asih@ucdavis.edu Costs and Constraints in the Evolution of Learning and Plasticity
April 10Jerry Coyne University of Chicago mturelli@ucdavis.edu Two Flies on an Island: Speciation in Drosophila on Sao Tome
April 17Ben Bolker McMaster University davharris@ucdavis.edu Eco-evolutionary Dynamics of West Nile virus: Preliminary Speculations
April 24 Gretchen Hofmann   University of California, Santa Barbara agdedrick@ucdavis.edu Global Change Ecology in California’s Coastal Ocean
May 1Jamie Lloyd-Smith University of California, Los Angeles jashander@ucdavise.edu, sschreiber@ucdavis.edu   Community Ecology of Poxviruses: Smallpox Eradication and the Rise of Monkeypox
May 8 Amy Angert University of British Columbia kchristie@ucdavis.edu “TBA”
May 15 Jonathan PritchardStanford University gmcoop@ucdavis.edu “TBA”
May 22 Peter TurchinUniversity of Connecticut pjricherson@ucdavis.edu Explaining the Evolution of Social Complexity: Cultural Selection of ‘Ultrasocial’ Norms and Institutions
May 29Joel Cohen Rockefeller University amhastings@ucdavis.edu Taylor’s Power Law of Fluctuating Scaling: Examples and Theories



*Sponsored by: College of Biological Sciences, Department of Evolution and Ecology, Center for Population Biology, Graduate Group in Ecology, Department of Environmental Science & Policy, Department of Plant Sciences, Department of Wildlife, Fish & Conservation Biology, Department of Land, Air and Water Resources, Center for Theoretical Ecology, Kearney foundation of Soil Sciences, Biological Invasions & IGERT REACH and John Muir Institute for the Environment.


Other Departmental Seminars