Joint Doctorate Program with San Diego State University

JDPE Unique Requirements

  • All forms must be submitted to Renee Konstantine.
  • As a JDPE student, you must have two UC Davis faculty and two SDSU faculty on your qualifying exam committee.  Your UC Davis mentor and your major professor cannot be on the qualifying exam committee.
  • Your dissertation committee must include at least one faculty member from UC Davis.
  • You must submit your dissertation to both campuses.You submit your dissertation to UC Davis first.
  • You must be enrolled in 899 (Dissertation) credits at SDSU for the semester you expect to graduate. You have to register for a minimum of 3 credits of 899.

Year at UC Davis

Students will spend their second year of the program at UC Davis.  The year prior, you want to secure your UC Davis mentor and begin looking for housing.  The GGE student email list and GGE social email list are great places to use to find housing.  You will receive information on the UC Davis Orientation, which is required, as well as the Odyssey in June before you attend UC Davis.  You will want to register in courses you need for your Guidance Committee Form such as, ECL 290's, ECL 296, AOE courses, and any additional courses recommended by your Guidance Committee.


For questions regarding your TA positions at SDSU or reimbursements for travel, please contact Renee Konstantine.  SDSU looks after all of your funding and travel needs.

Temporary Affiliate Account

As a JDPE student, you have access through the UC Davis library and other services through your Temporary Affiliate Account or TAF.  A TAF can only be set up for one year at a time and must be renewed each year.  If your account expires, email Elizabeth Sturdy to have it renewed.


The Joint Doctorate Program in Ecology Student Association put together an excellent FAQ resource for students.

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Renee Konstantine

  • Graduate Programs Coordinator
  • San Diego State University
  • Department of Biology