Prospective Faculty

The Graduate Group in Ecology welcomes applications from prospective faculty who are part of the UC Davis system.

Faculty Membership Application 

To apply, complete the application and submit to Matt Malepeai as an attachment.  The Executive Committee reviews and discusses each faculty membership application and votes on whether GGE membership is appropriate both in terms of the applicant's relevant academic achievements and in terms of their willingness to be active in GGE affairs and service requirements.

The Executive Committee has adopted a policy of three-year appointments for all members; membership renewal is subject to approval by the Executive Committee. Faculty members' contributions or service to the group, along with continued activity in the field of Ecology, will be used in the evaluation and decision to renew membership in the group.

Service Requirements

Please be aware that all members are expected to be active in group affairs. We believe that the active participation, both by faculty and students, in the affairs of the GGE is critical for the longevity, strength, and cohesion of the GGE.  Examples of service are:

  • Teaching or participation in an Ecology course or one of the courses required by the Group.
  • Offering of Ecology 290 at least once every four years. Please see below for the procedure to request approval to offer an ECL 290 seminar.
  • Service on the Executive Committee or ad hoc committees.
  • Service on guidance committees (Exception: service on these committees by the major professor does not discharge Group responsibilities).
  • Service on Ph.D. qualifying examinations.
  • Service on M.S. oral/thesis committees and Ph.D. dissertation committees.
  • Ongoing research productivity in ecology.
  • Service as an AOE chair or graduate adviser.
  • Service on the Admissions, Awards or Curriculum Commitee

Mentorship Guidelines

The GGE Mentorship Guidelines were prepared by the EGSA Mentorship Committee as part of the overall student review of the Ecology Graduate Group conducted during the 1997-98 academic year. 

GGE Mentorship Guidelines

"Nature's Guide for Mentors"Nature June 2007