Applying for an Internship in the Ecology Graduate Group

Internships are available each quarter in the Ecology Graduate Group.

Internships are given out in the form of 092/192 units depending on the amount of units you have completed (to see which you qualify for please check with your student advisor).

Each internship unit you take is the equivalent of three hours of work per week. The work you will be doing will be decided by the graduate student or faculty member who is overseeing your position.

At the end of the quarter, your performance will be assesed in the form of a Pass or No Pass grade.

Before applying, we recommend that you review our different Areas of Emphasis and different faculty members affiliated with our group. While there are many opportunities available, we want you to find the best fit for your ecological interests, and that starts with our Areas of Emphasis.

Once you have applied, your application will be circulated amongst labs currently looking for interns. If one would like to follow-up with you or bring you on an intern, you will be contacted as soon as possible. CRNs will be provided by the Ecology Program Coordinator.

To Apply: Please Fill out THIS SURVEY