Leave of Absence Processes

Leave of Absence Processes

There are three primary types of leave associated with Graduate Studies at UC Davis:
  1. Planned Educational Leave

  2. In Absentia Leave

  3. Family and Medical Leave

What Differentiates These Leaves from One Another?

PELP (Planned Educational Leave Program) : The Planned Educational Leave Program (PELP) is defined as a voluntary, temporary, planned interruption or pause in your regular, full-time education. The purpose is to enhance the prospect of successful completion of your academic program by allowing time for you to pursue other activities that will assist you with: clarifying your educational goals; job opportunities away from campus; and time to resolve personal, financial or medical problems. PELP makes it possible for you to suspend your academic work for a time and resume your studies with minimal procedural difficulties.

In Absentia Leave : In absentia is a reduced-fee registration status for full-time, regularly enrolled students who have an academic need to conduct research or study outside of the state of California for a period of one academic year. The policy recognizes that students may need to perform work away from the university but seeks to minimize the number of students who allow their registration status to lapse. All students pursuing doctoral or master’s degrees in academic disciplines as well as those pursuing professional master’s or doctoral degrees are eligible for the tuition and fee reduction. 

Family and Medical Leave : This policy is designed to support communication and cooperation between students, faculty and department personnel and the good-faith efforts of all to accommodate outside demands so that students can successfully complete their program of study. Because graduate student support and employment is often variable by quarter, and because most graduate student employees do not meet the eligibility requirements for the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), it is the intention of this policy to provide a consistent and equitable leave accommodation for medical and familial needs. While the Planned Educational Leave Program (PELP) remains available to any student, this policy is offered as an alternative for students who are able to benefit from continuous enrollment in order to receive financial support during short periods where leave is appropriate.