Annual Fellowship Application

Annual Fellowship Application

The Application

The Graduate Group of Ecology offers GGE Fellowships, nominations for University fellowships and research awards for continuing students using one application. Please follow the instructions below if you are interested in applying for these funds. 

Application Deadline: January 15th  

Your fellowship application requires:

  • Award Cover Letter: Download the cover letter here. Use this form to indicate which of these fellowships you would like to be considered for and submit the form to the GGE. 

  • University Fellowship Application: You must complete all parts of the University's online Fellowship Application (follow link to register for new system)

  • Research Proposal: Submit your proposal to the GGE. Be sure to read the formatting guidelines below carefully. Please note that improperly formatted applications will not be considered for funding. It is very important that you follow the directions to avoid being disqualified from consideration. This proposal will also serve as your Jastro Proposal, for those students in the College of Ag & Environmental Sciences.

  • Three letters of recommendation: Be sure to register your recommenders early to give them time to complete the electronic letter of recommendation.  One letter must be from your Major Professor. (Note: it is a good idea to provide your major professor with a copy of your proposal before the letter is written).

    • Important Notes for 1st Year Students:

      • As per the instructions of graduate studies, The GGE is no longer permitted to use Letters of Recommendation from 1st year students' applications for their Continuing Fellowship Application.

      • It is recommended that you contact the recommenders from your application and request that they resubmit a letter of recommendation for you in light of these changes. We encourage you to reach out to them and make them aware that this request is incoming. While we are aware that the content of the letter may have only changed slightly (or at all), in keeping with the requests of Grad Studies this will be our procedure moving forward.

    • Recommenders have 72 hours from the January 15th deadline to submit their letters via email link, which will be sent upon your completion of the continuing student fellowship application. 

  • UCD Transcripts: provided by the GGE office. 

  • Resume or Curriculum vitae:  The Approved CV format has a two page limit. Use the CV to include information that is relevant or referred to in your proposal. Please submit your CV to the GGE. 

  • DO NOT include supplementary materials, they will be not be considered and will be discarded. 

Additional materials required for the Henry A. Jastro (download forms here
  • Jastro Research Fellowship application form: The College of Agriculture and Environmental Science (CAES) uses a specific application form for the Jastro Research Fellowship.  Submit this for the other research awards as well. 

  • Budget: Include a detailed budget and justification for expenses listed. If you have additional funding (as part of your MP's grant, etc) please explain how the Jastro funds would substantially help your research (e.g., cover expenses or an extra set of analyses not written into other grants). 

  • Previous results: If your proposal is for work that has been on-going, please provide details of results obtained from previous research. This is especially important if you have received Jastro funds previously. 

  • Your GGE Proposal will also serve as your Jastro proposal. You do not need to write two separate proposals.

How to submit your fellowship application 

Upload your files via email to Name the file as your last name and first initial (e.g. Smith A) 

  • GGE Award cover letter 

  • your research proposal 

  • your CV 

  • Jastro Research Fellowship application (if applicable) 

Note: this email will only upload the attached file, we will not see any text from the message. If you have questions, email Matt directly. 

Complete the University’s online fellowship application (this includes having your recommendations in, so be sure to register your recommenders early). 

If you need instructions on merging files into one pdf, see below: 

Merging files into one pdf: 

Research Proposal Guidelines 

  • Five pages total, typewritten pages of text, double spaced, including page numbers.  

  • Font - 12 point.  

  • Margins - must be 1 inch all the way around. Page numbers may be within the 1 inch margin. Page numbers are required.  

  • Do not include a title page, it will be counted in your page limit.  

  • Graphs and tables should be included in the text of the proposal and counted in the page limit.  

  • References are not included in the page limit. Double space your reference or literature cited section.  

  • Click here to review a sample proposal. 

Content Requirements 

  • The format should be that of a research proposal. 

  • Background and Rationale: Why is this project needed? What is new about it? 

  • Specific Objectives: What are the specific questions to be addressed? If your study is part of a larger project, clearly indicate the general objective(s) of the larger project and what your proposed work adds to the overall project. Your specific objectives should be clear, concise and tractable. Provide one or two hypotheses or predictions to give an idea of the outcome you expect and the types of data you will be collecting. 

  • Procedures:  How will the research be carried out? How long will it take? 

  • Results to date: This becomes more and more important the longer the student has been in the program. 

  • List of references cited in the text. 

  • Qualifications:  What are your personal qualifications to do the research? This can be a one paragraph statement or say "see attached CV".