Core Courses and AOE Required Courses

(Subject to change. Please contact instructor for verification and for days/times)
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ECL Course NumberCourse NameQuarter Instructor 
ECL 200ANPrinciples of EcologyFallValdovinos
ECL 200BNPrinciples of EcologyWinterHolyoak
ECL 205 Community EcologyWinter (even years)Yang
ECL 207Plant Population BiologyWinterGremer
ECL 208Conservation Biology ResearchSpringBaskett
ECL 212AEnvironmental Policy ProcessSpring (even years)Arnold
ECL 212BEnvironmental Policy EvaluationWinter (even years); Spring (odd years)Springborn or Moore
ECL 214Marine EcologySpringDurand/Stachowicz
ECL 216Ecology in Agriculture Winter (even years)Williams/Gaudin
ECL 219/SSC 219Ecosystem BiogeochemistrySpringHernandez
ECL 224Data and Viz in R (R-Davis)FallScott
ECL 225Terr Field EcologySpringKarban
ECL 231Math Method Pop BiologyWinterSchreiber
ECL 233Computational Methods in Population BiologySpring (odd years)Baskett
ECL 234Bayesian Models: A Statistical PrimerFall (even years)Xiaoli Dong
ECL 243Ecological GenomicsWinter (even years)Whitehead/Ross-Ibarra
ECL 245Climate Change and WaterFallMonier/Lubell
ECL 271Ecology ResearchFall, SpringYang
ECL 271Ecology ResearchWinter (Varies)Funk
ECL 271Ecology ResearchSpringCrone
ECL 290Seminars in Various TopicsF, W, STBA
ECL 296Topics in Ecology and EvolutionF, W, SFunk
ECL 298Group Study Various TopicsF, W, STBA
ECL 298NSF GRFP Proposal Writing FallSadro and others