Grad Studies Student Forms

Graduate students complete many forms during their time in the GGE. There are both GGE forms and Graduate Studies forms that students will encounter and be required to submit at some point in their program. 

Key reference when filling out forms:

  • "Degree Sequence Number" should be left blank on all forms and will be filled out by Graduate Studies upon delivery of the form
  • "Graduate Program" should be filled out as Ecology for GGE students and as Joint Degree Program in Ecology for JDPE students
  • "Program Code" for GGE is GECL, and for the JDPE is GESD
  • Graduate Program Advisor Signature - This section will be signed by THE CHAIR OF THE ECOLOGY GRADUATE GROUP for ALL students including JDPE students. 
  • Dissertation/Thesis Committee Chair Signature - This section will be signed by the chair of your dissertation/thesis who should be your Major Professor.
  • Graduate Program Coordinator Signature - The GGE and JDPE Program Coordinator/Staff Advisor is Angie Nguyen (

All forms must be submitted to Angie Nguyen ( Please do not submit any forms directly to the GGE Graduate Advisor/Chair for signature. This applies to both GGE and JDPE students. Angie will intake the form for GGE review and approval. Please plan ahead and allow the GGE at least 1-2 weeks to review the form. Once the form has been processed by GGE, it will be submitted to Graduate Studies for their review and final approval. Graduate Studies processing time is typically 4-6 weeks. We recommend planning accordingly to allow sufficient time for processing.   

Forms Timeline

Guidance Committee Form – due end of fall quarter of first year
MS Advancement to Candidacy – by end of 4th quarter or when half of coursework is completed
PhD Pre-Qualifying Exam Form – at least 60 days before exam
Qualifying Exam Application – at least 30 days before exam
•Take exam in the 3rd year
PhD Advancement to Candidacy – after passing qualifying exam
•Advance by end of the 9th quarter or 3rd year

PhD Exit Seminar – due before you file to graduate