Guidance Committee Form

Guidance Committee Forms are due at the end of a student's first quarter in the program.  The student should meet with the Guidance Committee to plan coursework.  Courses can be changed, but each committee member will need to approve each change via submission of an updated GC form to the Program Coordinator.  Please list the term and year for each course taken on the form.

Guidance Committee Structure

PhD Guidance Committee: Major Professor, AoE Advisor, and a third GGE faculty member of your choice.

MS Guidance Committee: Major Professor and AoE Advisor

Guidance Committee FAQs

  1. Can my Guidance Committee serve on my Qualifying Exam or Master's Final Exam?
    • Your major professor cannot serve on your Ph.D. Qualifying Exam, but is typically Chair of your Masters Comprehensive Final Exam.  Other Guidance Committee members are welcome to serve on either of these exam committees.
  2. My committee isn't able to meet during Fall Quarter. What do I do if I can't submit my form by the end of the quarter?
    • The Guidance Committee is due during the first week of Winter Quarter. If your committee is unable to meet by then, contact the Program Coordinator ASAP.
  3. How often should I meet with my guidance committee?
    • An annual in person meeting is recommended. You should also confer with your guidance committee should you need to take alternative classes to the ones on your original form. Your full committee must approve changes to the form, so you'll want to be sure to keep them up to date.