TA/GSR Information

TA/GSR Information

Note: due to the recent collective bargaining process, information below regarding funding for Graduate Student Researchers, Teaching Assistants, and Readers is in flux and could change.  The GGE will provide updated details as soon as they become available.

Most students will serve as a Reader, Teaching Assistant (TA), or Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) during their time at UCD.

Positions at UC Davis are assigned as a certain percentage of Full-Time Employment (FTE), the most common appointments being 25% FTE and 49% FTE. These percentages are used to determine your salary as well as fee waivers which kick in at 25%.

Note: The university does not allow students to work more than 75% of full-time in a quarter. This is cumulative time, therefore you could not work as a 50% GSR and 50% TA in the same quarter. You would need to adjust your total time to be 75% FTE or less.

Each position carries benefits for student employees beyond their salary and those benefits are laid out below.